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About us

Clare Twelvetrees – Co-Founder & Chair

Clare is a leader in the international development sector and currently Director of Strategy and Performance at Brooke. Equality Starts at Home was formed after giving her speech about equality post COVID-19 at the Aspire Re-imagination conference in June 2020. Clare has worked on a range of issues including women’s empowerment specifically as Interim CEO at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. She is also Trustee for Age International. She is passionate about equality at home and believes it has helped her and her partner challenge stereotypes, achieve their potential and be positive role models to their children.

Jackie Carter – Co-Founder

Jackie Carter is a professor of statistical literacy at the University of Manchester. She is also a National Teaching Fellow and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. Jackie is driven by her desire to open educational opportunities to all, and to open doors to the workplace for those from less advantaged and under represented groups. She has spent over a quarter of a century teaching school children to corporates how to become statistically literate. In a world awash with data her mission is to enable citizens to critically evaluate the numbers they encounter. Jackie’s recent work has taken her to Latin America. She is working with schools, colleges and universities as well as civil society in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil to help train those who both produce and consume statistical data. All of her recent work is framed by the SDGs. 

Lesley Macniven – Co-Founder

Organisational Development, Diversity & Inclusion consultant and mum of two Lesley underwent a mid-life revamp in 2015. As a writer, coach and campaigner, her non-fiction work-in-progress ‘This Woman’s Work’  exploring equality of opportunity at work and equality in the home, was long-listed in the 2020 Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Competition. After contracting Covid19, Lesley joined the LongCovid.Org UK team campaigning for for recognition, research and rehab for the now 28,000 strong patient support group, before co-founding Long Covid Scotland. Interviewed on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, Lesley discussed the disproportionate impact of Covid19 on women. As more women experience prolonged symptoms than men, are their role as carers impacting their ability to recover?

Venise Vinegar – Co-Founder

Venise is a native of Los Angeles, California. She handles day-to-day operations and logistics for corporate management executives and creative talent at Fortune 500 entertainment industry brands in the United States. A trip to South Africa in 2017 inspired her to make a career pivot into the field of Learning and Development, specializing in personal and career development best practices. She also works as a Vision Career Strategist helping others find passion, purpose and dream jobs. Venise strongly believes that in order to mitigate inequality in society, in the workplace and around the globe, that the effort starts in the home with women leading the change.

Niamh McGarry – Strategic Adviser

Having studied and worked in cities across Europe, Niamh has taken the opportunity to move home to the West of Ireland now that her work can mostly be done remotely. Niamh has worked in health & social sciences research for over 10 years and is passionate about giving a voice to those who are often excluded or ignored. As Director of Research at Clearview Research, Niamh oversees a number of projects that affect marginalised communities both in the UK and more widely. She is an advocate of co-production, where decisions about public policy or services are made in collaboration with the people these decisions will ultimately impact. She strongly believes in the power of people coming together to create positive change and is very excited about the difference we can all make as part of Equality Starts at Home.

Helen Unwin – Strategic Adviser

Helen left the corporate world in 2019 to set up her transformational Life & Career Coaching business. Drawing from CBT and NLP disciplines she specialises in supporting clients to rebuild their confidence and self esteem. In her earlier career Helen worked in major organisations simplifying their digital and customer experience. She is a passionate advocate for equality at work and home, as all too often she sees main carer roles taken on by women, pushing them to take on too much, causing stress, frustration and mental health issues.

Call for Strategic Advisers and Creators

We are now looking for a pro-bono Strategic Advisers and Creators who have unique gifts and talents to join us early on in our journey to champion change. We are actively looking for a diverse cross section of people who represent global society. It is an exciting time to join to help shape this campaign. Advisers and Contributors will form part of the Steering Group and will join an inspiring and skilled international group of change makers. 

Find out more here:

Strategic Advisers & Creators for Equality Starts at Home

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